How to start your successful online selling business

online business is any business on the Internet that sells products, services, or advertising, online. 

Terms Definition

Online Business:  online business is any business on the Internet that sells products, services, or advertising, online. 

Ecommerce: also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

woocommerce: is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

Dropshipping: it simply means selling of products to customers to customers that you don’t know. The customer place their orders with you, and the your chosen suppliers ship the product directly to your customers.

When you think of alternative ways to make money, usually, you want your new business to be:

Quick To Start

If you’re still working full-time and just want to experiment with a new business, you obviously can’t spend much time and energy on learning.

Low Cost

Different types of businesses require different amount of financial investments at the beginning. For example, if you want to open a store to resell someone else’s products, can you afford buying these items upfront in bulk?

Easy To Run

The main reason why we give up on our regular jobs is our desire to have more free time. Why waste hours on dull reports or risk your life in a dangerous manufacturing facility if you can enjoy relaxing time with your family?

Online business is easy and gets you going because:

  • You can start it without any experience at all. You know nothing about online business? Not a big deal. There are tons of explanatory articles, educational videos, thematic forum threads and other recourses to guide you through. You don’t have to be a software specialist or a digital marketing guru: a basic set of skills will be more than enough for this.
  • You can lunch it with minimal cost. There are types of online businesses that require little to no investments at the first steps of your new journey. For example, there are reselling models like drop shipping – to open a drop shipping store, you don’t need to risk your money and buy products beforehand. You can start with a basic simple website, and only use free methods of marketing and promotion until you got your first profits.
  • You can manage it from any point on the globe. Basically, if you run any type of online business, you are not limited with geographic boundaries. You can work wherever and whenever it is convenient for you as long as this place has stable Internet connection. A first-class co-working space, a sunny beach, your own tiny kitchen – feel free to choose any destination you like because it won’t matter at all.

What does dropshipping mean?

How dropshipping works

Benefits of This Type of Online Business

  • It’s the ideal type of business for newcomers. It is really simple to set up, even if you have no previous experience in ecommerce and Internet marketing. Dropshipping gives you a great start – you will have no trouble managing this business because the supplier does most of the job for you. Inventory issues, stocking and shipping are not your concern!
  • You an change and expand your assortment anytime you wish. You don’t pre-order the items you are selling, so you can add anything to your product offer or even change it completely if you want to. you can also think of your personal interest when choosing products for your store.
  • You can reach a really wide audience. Dropshipping means that your store is based on an online platform, or ideally, on your own website. With dropshipping your business gets an international reach – you can connect with any person in any place in the world, no matter how far away they live or what language they speak.
  • You are free and independent. Since you don’t have a warehouse or a sock of items, you can easily work from home or from any place you like -you don’t depend on specific location. You can turn anyplace into your workspace and you can achieve a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.


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