10 Resources For Landing Writing Job As a Freelancer

I hold the opinion that every successful enterprise gets its first few customers from its immediate environment - family, friends, etc.

I recently put up a social media flyer notification in effect to the above subject intending to write about it in detail. Well, here it is.

I could get what your obvious question is; “are these resources offering paid writing jobs?”. well, I won’t expect you would want to spend all your energy to do a pro bono job, not that I am saying pro bono is a bad thing. But there is a purpose for checking out these resources in the first place which is; landing a paying freelance writing gig. personally freelancing has kept and is keeping me afloat and also helping me fund my other projects which I would be sharing with you soon. Watch out on this platform. Suggestively, take it from a guy who’s lived on freelancing for over 3 years, I can boldly tell you that it is worth it and you can even do it better than I had probably earning up to $50 in an hour.

Want to know how? Write/blog about your passion, what you know, and have a deep solid understanding of. You can either wright for yourself or write for the client or both. either way, writing is writing if it fetches you your financial reward. Don’t worry about resources to get going, I have painstakingly researched and come up with these 10 essential resources to help you land a job as a freelance writer.

10. Get A Blog

I extensively wrote about how to own a personal blog like the one you are reading. my first paid blogging gig was for a startup in real estate who is interested in property listing and sales – Chandre Homes. what did I do right? I made sure they knew I understand their potential audience.

I can’t stress this enough, blogging provides “great edit writing and proofreading experience” – giving you the ability and opportunity to focus on the subject you want to write about. Tech if you want to work with science and technology, Lifestyle if you are interested in brand; Style for fashion niche, Art & Literature for artists.a

Take a step: get a blog today, writing and start making money

9. In-person Contact

Those meetups, conferences, private parties are available opportunities, ready to be explored. Create a strategy of contact building, tracing, and retainership around those meetups. Say you make 4-6 contacts in different niches, industry of works. Beforehand you already create a target audience. rehearsed a well-researched intro approach. A concise understanding of the subject of discussion has a way of giving you a professional edge and power over your target contact. Try it out if you are a well going out person.

8. Sign up With Creative Placement Firms

This resource tethered towards employment sounding full time in large and industrial cities. The system of operation here might be multilayered and dimensional depending on the protocols. Maybe what you get is full days or weeks and usually onsite for the client.

Check out The Creative Group and The Creative Circle to signup

7. Local Contacts

I hold the opinion that every successful enterprise gets its first few customers from its immediate environment – family, friends, etc.

I have gotten some fully paid writing jobs from friends and family over the course of my starting out as a freelancer. The question is why not start from the homefront and build your way up from there. As soon as you find a way to leverage them, they can be of great asset to you

You can aslo search for local companies accepting articles on your subject of interest.

6. Virtual Assistance

What do I mean?

If you don’t know how to use a computer and phone efficiently then you need to learn how. That gadget is powerful enough to automate your job and increase your workflow in ways you can’t imagine. To start blogging, you need a personal computer, stable internet connection, smartphone, and track keeping software

on the plus side, not having a personal computer does not stop you from writing or even managing your blog after set up. your phone can be rather effective to this end, only if you know how to maximize it’s potential.

5. Start Content Creation

do exactly as this sub-topic suggests – create content. There are a handful of platforms where you can do this to minding the scope, cost, and technicality. All that has been taken care of or simplified for your use.

if you are an entertainer or educator that makes good food and people are appreciative and always asking for more, you just got your next job. Make videos or animation of you in action cooking some of your favorite food and have them uploaded and shared on YouTube.

You need to:

  • have a deep knowledge of the subject, build confidence around it, create an audience by showcasing your expertise of the subject, build a course around it, and sell. From there, you can earn through an advert or from the proceed of your courses.
  • good computer but you can start small. Start streaming and rendering your videos. Use video editing Softwares, good internet connection, good webcam, and mic is also needed.

Take a step: go to Udemy or teachable to start education content creation, twitch for live gaming, and YouTube for multipurpose video content display.

4. Social Media

This is often referenced but nonetheless powerful, certainly the most powerful marketing tool today and the best place to market yourself. seemingly, as much some of us would like to do away with its negativity, we need it the most for positive things. I don’t need to stress what you already know but I’ll tell you that these platforms support content development, distribution, selling, free and paid promotion

  • you need to be able to look past Facebook, Twitter and conventional social media antics to be able to leverage it for your content promotion and distribution.
  • break your content into engaging short captivating visuals. This is where the maximum utilization of your phone comes in handy

3. Editable Designs and Resources

200Graphics are rich resources that attract and convert readers to billable customers. Captions and copywrites can only be properly implemented with graphical juices. Not a designer? don’t be scared. just know what you want. there are simple ways to implement and produce graphic captions and contents with just your phone and free software

need to know how to use your phone to design a logo, flyer, social cards? let’s talk

2. Be Consistent

You ask yourself if you are really ready for this. the vibe and enthusiasm are really like a sugar rush, but I’ve also seen it wane and die. I am a good proof of that. I have tried and failed so many times in blogging usually thinking it is the easiest thing to do. Well, it is and it’s not. You have to be consistent and tenacious. from writing to editing, the in-between is not black and white. But keep going. like I said above, break your topic into pieces. start with the smallest piece and work your article up till you have a coherent taught. Google your way out of any structural or grammatical dependencies. Thank me late

1. So Where Do I get Writing Jobs?

I will list 3 of this platforms that i’m currently using. But before that you need to prepare a profile of yourself with educational background, work done and clear testimony of your strength in that area you want to focus on. So here we go….

with PGXTUDIO resources I can create a custom blog site for you. SEO, mobile integrated. it is easy to edit and cheap to maintain. send a message today


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  1. This is the most interesting and incredible subject details i have ever read…..It’s beautiful and am probably still wondering why and how God made me share a blood with this wonderful gig.. Mr Peter Ehindola, your work is exceptional. And for me, you are a genius in the making. Your cousin…

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