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Our country is like the dystopian Orwell’s animal farm. Where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. From the allocation for TV and free movies on the presidential fleet running to over 700millon to the amount for the President’s kitchen, our budget is replete with burgeoning figures that would make one cringe in disbelief.

Meanwhile,the govt has put the masses at the mercy of hungry merchants on it total border closure directive. I hear CBN is begging local rice millers not to increase the price of local rice. Aren’t these people business men whose sole aim is profit? A govt who results to appealing to the conscience instead of an economic policy to cater for emergency is a I’ll advised one. Let see how this pans out at the end. Meanwhile, the recent budget is filled with wanton prodigality and excesses. A serious govt must first demonstrate fiscal discipline by cutting down on it excesses before demanding same from the masses.

The budget of the two national Assemblies didn’t witness any noticeable reduction. In Italy, facing recession and biting economic downturns, the govt reduced the numbers of it legislators from 600 to 400 saving around 80million euros per month and freeing up an estimated 1b euro annually for other important areas of the economy.

The contentious 7.5 VAT would take effect with or without approval and the govt is also mauling over the reintroduction of toll gate across our major high ways all in the bid to raise fund. Meanwhile, we are still going back and forth about the 30,000 minimum wage.

It has been said that our presidential system is the costliest in the world and it all boils down to our inflated budget. Ministries and agencies hide under it to steal the country blind. For instance, the govt of India used half of the 292bn Naira it took us to conduct the 2019 general elections to conduct theirs. That’s a country almost six times our population. How much do you think our govt buy Toyota Haise? Or their official cars? And how often do you think they buy these things, you guessed right, yearly

A serious government must look inward, cut governance cost to free up money for important areas of the economy. Before introducing biting economic policies on the masses. By the way, didn’t this govt say it has recovered stolen money and block leakages? Doesn’t it mean that we are supposed to have more money? Where has those money gone?

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